About us

Bingo Sites Guru was launched in 2021 by bingo lovers that were frustrated about not being able to find high-quality information and tips for playing online bingo all in one place.

Welcome! My name is Mark Good and I have been working in online gaming since 2011. When working with some of the biggest brands in online bingo, slots and casino you quickly learn what the most important experiences are for players. And as an online player myself I definitely know a thing or two about what makes the difference between a top online bingo site and the others!

Me and my team at Bingo Sites Guru are passionate about helping people find the right bingo site for them, and that is why we decided to start putting together the best reviews and guides on the web.

During our journey, we had many discussions about the types of issues that bingo players were having online. When we then reviewed the available support and information we were shocked to find that we couldn’t get everything we needed from one website.

We also got to see the good, the bad and the ugly of online bingo sites! From creating an account to making a deposit, claiming a bonus, playing games and withdrawing cash – we have reviewed it all so you can join and play with confidence.

And that is our mission, to give you everything you need to know so you get the most out of your time and money spent playing bingo online.

Mark Good
Founder of Bingo Sites Guru