How To Play Slots Online In 5 Easy Steps!

Online slots can be an intimidating game when getting started, but with our guidance, you'll be spinning safely and happily in no time!
how to play slots online

Everyone that plays online bingo notices the online slot games! 

They are a big part of the online bingo experience, with mini versions of the slots available in the bingo rooms and full screen, immersive versions available from the lobby.

Online slots are the most popular online gaming category in the UK, with almost £3bn spent on them by players each year. [1]

So it’s safe to say that many people know how to play slots online, and soon you can join them!

I have played online slots at all of the websites featured here at Bingo Sites Guru. I have experienced the highs of mega wins and payouts of multiple thousands of pounds and the lows of spending more than I planned because I didn’t get enough payouts from my early spins and deposits. 

As an online bingo website manager, I saw the online slots that were most popular with players and those who played them over long periods.

I am sharing my years of behind-the-scenes experience to create this guide and help you play slots at online bingo sites with the confidence of knowing how to play.

When searching for guides about how to play slots online, most of what I found had some helpful tips, but no one had created a complete guide. So I set out to fix that with an unbiased and comprehensive review.

Here is the guide:

1. The Bingo Sites Guru Quick Start Guide to Playing Slots Online
2. Online Slots Jargon Buster
3. Features of Online Slot Machine Games
4. How To Choose An Online Slot
5. Slots Hints, Tips & FAQs

Always read the terms and conditions of a bingo site before playing.

Keep reading to learn everything about how to play slots at online bingo sites.

1. The Bingo Sites Guru Quick Start Guide to Playing Slots Online

how to play slots - quick start

Load any online slot game.

Choose your bet amount and press the spin button.

The reels will start to spin.

As the reels stop spinning, symbols fall into their final positions.

The more matching symbols line up, the more you win!

Each slot game has its own set of symbols.

And each online slot game can also have different ways to win or win lines.

‘Wild’ symbols substitute for any symbol.

They often contribute to much bigger wins when they land on a win line!

In addition to special symbols like wild, there are often bonus or scatter symbols.

When these land on the reels, they can trigger special feature bonus rounds, like free spin games.

Feeling ready to play? 

2. Online Slots Jargon Buster

how to play slots - jargon

Each game has a how to play section where you can find out about special features and functions for each game, and in-game help to tell you what each symbol is worth.


Accessible in each slot game, usually by pressing a ? or Help button, a paytable includes a list of payouts, jackpots and general instructions for playing the game.


A payline is a line (straight or zig-zagged) that crosses one symbol, or a combination of symbols, on the slot reels. [2]


Numbers or pictures on the reels.

Free spin

Play a game round at no cost.


Have another shot at landing a winning spin combination by respinning a single or multiple reels.


A slot game prize that increases each time it is played.


A category of game based on its design e.g. Irish, Ancient Egypt, Horror, Movie, Music, Space or Adventure.


The Return-to-Player or payout rate. RTP describes the amount paid back to players (on average over all bets) as a percentage of the amount bet. An average slot RTP is around 95%.

3. Features of Online Slot Machine Games

how to play slots - features

Winning lines 

The patterns or lines where the winning symbols line up. These can be viewed in each games Paytable.

Bet per line

The amount you will wager (or bet) on each playable winning line.

Total bet

The bet per line multiplied by the number of winning lines being played in that game round.


Usually, horizontal columns that are virtual wheels in online slots.


A now removed feature for UK players. [3]

Previously it was possible to specify the number of spins or game rounds desired and then let the game automatically play that number of spins.

4. How To Choose An Online Slot

how to play slots - choose

Choosing an online slot is mostly a personal decision for each player.

The more familiar you become with the subtle differences in each slot game, the more you will begin to prefer one game over another.

Having said that, some factors will decide which game is played.


Not all bingo sites offer every slot game. 


Some players prefer to only play Egyptian themed slots, for example.

Payout Rate

Higher RTP slots payout more over long-term gameplay. However, for most players, we will never complete the millions of spins needed to achieve the games’ theoretical RTP – so this alone may not be the best deciding factor for choosing a slot game. 

Payout Frequency

Also known as volatility, this is how often a game pays out a win. For example, on average, every four spins vs every ten spins. This feature is not published to players, but you will become familiar with it by playing the games.


Some bingo site slots promotions will only include certain games.

5. Slots Hints, Tips & FAQs

how to play slots - faqs

Are online slots rigged?

Legit online slots that are found at UK Gambling Commission licensed and regulated bingo websites use a random number generator that is tested and verified by independent third parties. Therefore, online slots at bingo sites are not fixed or rigged and can be confidently trusted as fair.

Are online slots legal?

For 18+ UK players at UK Gambling Commission licensed and regulated bingo websites – yes!

Which online slots have the highest payout rate?

Online slot games with progressive jackpots can (and do, on occasion) payout multiple millions of pounds. Amongst the highest RTP slots are Blood Suckers 98% and Big Bad Wolf 97.34%.

What is the most popular slot game?

Book of Dead by Play’n GO is the most popular online slot game. [4]

What to do next?

Now we can answer “how to play slots online” after reading this article packed full of all the terminology and wonderful world of features in online slot games!

Bingo Sites Guru is here to help you choose the best website to play online bingo games. We provide you with all of the information you need so that you can maximise your time and money spent playing online bingo!

After reading this article, you are one step closer to online bingo nirvana! Please read our other bingo guides and continue to learn from your master bingo teachers, the Bingo Sites Guru team 🧘🏽‍♀️

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