What Is Slingo? A Slingo Bingo Guide

You may have seen Slingo advertised online or on TV and wondered, what is Slingo? Our Slingo Bingo guide answers exactly that question!
what is slingo? slingo reel king and book of slingo
Slingo Reel King and Book of Slingo games

What is Slingo? Slingo is a real money online gambling game that combines parts of online slots and bingo, hence the name which is a combination of the two; slots-bingo = sl-ingo!

Originally created in 1994 by Sal Falciglia Sr in New Jersey, USA, it is now owned by the games development company Gaming Realms.[1]

And it is the Gaming Realms version of the Slingo game that we have come to know and love at UK bingo sites. From the original Slingo Riches back in 2015, available at just a handful of websites, to the wide range of variants and branded versions we can now play at any of the top sites – Slingo is now firmly established amongst the games of choice for online bingo players.

I have played Slingo at many of the websites featured here at Bingo Sites Guru. I have experienced the highs of a full house win and lows of a streak of losing bets in a row. Therefore, I created this guide to help you know what you are signing up for.

Most Slingo guides online are written by bingo or casino sites that promote the games. So I set out to fix that with an unbiased and comprehensive review.

Here is the guide:

How To Play Slingo Bingo
Slingo Symbols
Best Strategy For Slingo
Free Games
How Much Can You Win On A Slingo Game?
What Are The Best Slingo Games?
Slingo Riches
Slingo Rainbow Riches
Slingo Fluffy Favourites
Slingo Deal or No Deal

Always read the terms and conditions of a bingo site before playing.

Keep reading to find out everything about Slingo.

How To Play Slingo Bingo

The base game of Slingo is similar to a single player RNG bingo game. 

You have numbers on a 5 by 5 grid that looks like a bingo card.

When you purchase a game round, you get an initial number of spins. For example, you get 11 spins on most Slingo versions, but some give you less.

Underneath your grid of numbers is what looks like a slot reel. When each spin completes, numbers and symbols fill this reel.

If the numbers in the reel correspond with numbers on your grid, they are marked off, like a daubed number in online bingo.

You win by completing a line of marked off numbers, and the more lines you complete, the bigger the prize. A complete line is called a Slingo!

If you complete enough Slingos, you will trigger a bonus game.

Check out our Bonus Game win on Book of Slingo!

After your spins are complete is where the game heats up!

If you are close to winning, you will be allowed to buy extra spins.

The price of each additional spin depends on how much of the grid you have already marked off, and the potential prizes. The cost of the following extra spin is shown clearly on the spin button.

Be aware here that the price of the additional spin may be higher than your original purchase. You can control the number of extra spins and maximum prices offered in the play controls. You can select play controls from the in-game menu.

If you have qualified for a bonus game or prize amount, you can press collect or play the current bonus game instead of buying additional spins.

Slingo Symbols

Various symbols can land in the reel, alongside the numbers. 

Jokers – allow you to pick and mark off any number on the row above.

Super Jokers – allow you to mark any number in the grid.

Devils are blocking symbols. Devils appear on the centre reel only.

Free spin symbols add an extra spin. Free spins symbols are removed from the reels for extra spins.

Best Strategy For Slingo

Playing the best strategy can help increase your chances of winning.

To play the best strategy, you have to select the positions of Jokers and Super Jokers where you will be closer to completing a Slingo.

For example, you should prefer the central square since it is included in horizontal, vertical and two diagonal lines.

Think of this like the old ‘Connect 4’ or ‘Noughts and Crosses’ games! You want to complete a line as soon as you can.

Free Games

If a player wins a free game of Slingo, you can play the base game for free at a set bet amount. 

When the free game completes, the player can collect or continue the game by purchasing extra spins using their own money.

How Much Can You Win On A Slingo Game?

Using the best strategy has a theoretical RTP of around 95%. Some variants are slightly higher than this, and some are lower, so check before playing (if this is important to you).

When using the best strategy, each extra spin has a slightly different theoretical RTP of just under 95% (see above).

The top prize varies depending on which version of Slingo game you are playing, from 20x for a Full House on Deal or No Deal Slingo and Slingo Fortunes to 10,000x on Slingo Reveal and Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

What Are The Best Slingo Games?

best slingo games - all slingo games

There are many different Slingo games to choose from, and it can be overwhelming and confusing when it is time to pick just one!

The easiest way to pick is to find your favourite slot game theme and launch the Slingo version. You will find familiar graphics, sound effects and bonus rounds.

Another way to pick is to compare game features, including:

  • RTP
  • Minimum stake
  • Initial spins
  • Prizes start at 
  • Top prize

The Bingo Sites Guru team has played Slingo games at all of our featured bingo sites. Here are some of our favourites!

Slingo Riches

slingo riches

RTP – 95%

Minimum stake – 50p

Initial spins – 11

Prizes start at – 1 Slingo (0.1x)

Top prize – Full House 200x

Slingo Riches was the first of the modern-day Slingo games to be launched, and therefore has an essential place on this list as the classic benchmark game to compare against all other Slingo games!

It is relatively simple and a great game to try first, to get used to the overall Slingo game concept.

4.0/5 stars

Slingo Rainbow Riches 

slingo rainbow riches

RTP – 95.6%

Minimum stake – 50p

Initial spins – 10

Prizes start at – 5 Slingo (Wishing Well bonus round)

Top prize – Full House Pots of Gold with up to 1000x multiplier

Slingo Rainbow Riches has all your favourite Rainbow Riches slot bonus features, but you can reach them a little bit faster in the Slingo format.

With one of the higher Slingo RTP, this could be a good one to play through the wagering requirements of games bonuses.

Players should note with this game that you require 5 Slingos (winning lines) to win anything, which is quite rare without buying additional spins, and the prizes are not fixed amounts, they are game bonus rounds.

4.5/5 stars

Slingo Fluffy Favourites 

best slingo games - top slots fluffy favourites and starburst

RTP – 95.3%

Minimum stake – 20p

Initial spins – 10

Prizes start at – 5 Slingo (Toybox Pick bonus round)

Top prize – Full House Mega Prize Grabber bonus round

Like Slingo Rainbow Riches, there are no fixed prizes, only bonus rounds. Slingo Fluffy Favourites does, however, allow a lower starting bet amount of just 20p.

The lower starting bet amount comes in handy as additional spins often need to be purchased to reach the bonus round.

Animations and graphics are excellent in Slingo Fluffy Favourites, capturing the excitement and fun of the original slot games.

4.6/5 stars

Slingo Deal or No Deal 

slingo deal or no deal

RTP – 95%

Minimum stake – £1

Initial spins – 10

Prizes start at – 4 Slingo (1x)

Top prize – Full House 20x

Endemol’s TV programme and the Bingo Site classic game gets the Slingo makeover!

Pick your lucky box, complete the initial spins and see boxes and prizes disappear, leaving you with a Bankers Offer that you can collect or reject to take what is in your box. This amount is then multiplied by your winning multiplier. 

An excellent choice for fans of the Deal or No Deal mechanism!

4.2/5 stars

What to do next?

Now we can answer ‘What is Slingo?’ knowing that it is the exciting new real-money gambling game that combines the reels and features of online slots with the numbered grid format of a bingo game.

With so many variants to choose from and more no doubt on their way, this is a game category that is sure to grow in popularity amongst bingo players!

Why not check out our list of the best Slingo sites and take the game for a spin?

Congratulations on becoming one more step closer to achieving online bingo nirvana! Please read our other bingo guides and continue to learn from your master bingo teachers, the Bingo Sites Guru team 🧘🏽‍♀️

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